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 At times, we all feel over whelmed by life's challenges. At Stepping Stones, we want to provide you with the support you need and to teach you the skills you need to help deal with what life sends your way.   

Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the most widely practiced and most intensely researched forms of psychotherapy in the world.

Scientific research supports its effectiveness for those suffering from depression, anxiety and many other medical ills a patient may be suffering from. Cognitive therapy appears in some cases to be at least as effective as the best anti-depressant medications. Cognitive therapy is down to earth and easily grasped by any age group, regardless of education level.

The premise or theory behind cognitive therapy is not new and is actually relatively simple. Your moods follow your thoughts and beliefs. Often by restructuring our thoughts and the assumptions beneath our beliefs, we can learn to manage our moods.

Stepping Stones provides solution focused, short term therapy. Our therapists are Registered with the College of Psychotherapists and have several years experience. We also have a Clinical Psychologist that provides us with diagnostics. 

Mentorship Program 

Informal and formal mentors have been heralded as among the key ingredients in shaping the academic and career development of individuals. Individuals with disabilities face substantial barriers to employment.  Recognizing the short falls of this, Stepping Stones has launched its Mentorship Program. With a strong emphasis in the School-to-Work transition, our program provides the support and guidance that is necessary for individuals in our program to suceed.  Opportunities Act of . Our program is specifically designed to provide persons with disabilities to develop job skills, exposure to the world of work and access to labor market opportunities. With effective mentoring it will also increase their self esteem/self worth, Enrich and expand social/communication skills, increase independence, enhance self concept and optimism about thier future, develop teamwork and educate/support our community partners. 

As many employees will attest, a work-based mentoring relationship can transform a young life, becoming the means by which an individual connects with others, with co-workers and others, with their future prospects and potential partners. Indeed, in their study of individuals with disabilities who were "beating the odds," (i.e., successfully attending Columbia University), Arthur Levine 
and Jana Nidiffer found that the most important factor was: "..the intervention by one person at a critical point in the life of each mentee. Sometimes the mentor was a loving relative; other times it was someone paid to offer expert advice. In either case, it was the human contact that made the difference". 

Our team is deeply committed and passionate about this program. 

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