"Every Step in Life Makes A Difference"

Life Transitions

Transitions are difficult because we unconsciously or even consciously resist change. As humans it seems like every fiber of our being is innately programmed to resist anything new or unknown to us, most likely a result of our basic self-preservation instinct. Whether we realize it or not, even good changes like winning the lottery, can cause us to feel stressed and uneasy. On some level, we are simply not comfortable with the unknown. Let us help you deal with these situations and help you develop the skills you will need to work through them.

Food Dependencies

This is an area that most of us have difficulty coping with.  In order to get your eating under control, you first need the "tools" to do so. Our Certified Weight Loss Specialist will be able to help guide you through and give you the "tools" you need to be successful. By using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy we can teach you what your "triggers" are that make you overeat. Once we have identified them, we will then work on strategies to help you eliminate them.

Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a sudden, distinct episode of intense and overwhelming anxiety that often occurs without warning or any obvious reason.  The experience of a panic attack is far more powerful and extreme than the feeling of being “highly stressed”, tense, or worried.  The individual may feel like sudden death is imminent and that at any moment a terrible trauma is about to happen, or that they are about to die of a heart attack.

While a panic attack may show no direct relation to the current situation or identifiable trigger, panic attacks have been linked to existing phobias an individual may or may not understand.  The panic attack acts as a protective mechanism for the individual creating a flight or fight response in the individual that includes the surge of hormones including adrenalin that are required to spur an individual into action.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Intensive Behavioral Therapy Program (IBI)  is an individualized program based on a current assessment of your child's skills and abilities. After the assessment, we then build a program on developing the skills that are essential for your child to grow and learn. Area's that we concentrate on include: Fine-Gross Motor Skills, Co-Operation, Visual Performance, Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Imitation Skills, Vocal Imitation, Requests, Labeling, Intraverbals, Syntax and Grammar, Play/Leisure Skills, Social Interaction, Group Instruction, Classroom Routines, Generalized Responding, Academic Skills, Self-Help Skills and Life Skills.

We take into consideration the families needs and area's of concern into our programs. We work together as a team to provide the best services possible for your child.


Often the terms stress and anxiety are used interchangeably. Many times we don’t even realize we are stressed until the compounded symptoms begin to overwhelm us. Stress and anxiety can affect anyone, even small children. While many of the symptoms of stress are also linked to anxiety, there are differences, especially when the symptoms become severe. If you are stressed, you may experience eating and sleeping problems, you may be irritable, mentally and physically tired, and often depressed. Physically, you may have headaches, stomachaches, and find you become sick more than usual. In general, you will likely feel apathetic about things that used to make you happy. Shyness often creates anxiety.

Work/Life Balance

We often find it difficult to have balance between our work and our family life. In today's fast paced society, we often do not see what is truly more important to us at given times.  When you are not able to achieve this balance, your health could begin to suffer and/or your job performance can start to deteriorate causing stress for you in the workplace. Let us help you achieve this balance.


Low self esteem is not something that simply appears one morning. It is developed and nurtured over time. Every day we experience situations that either boost our self-confidence or tear it apart. The challenge for those of us who lack a strong identity is that once a poor self-image is accepted, we tend to make choices in our lives to support those beliefs. Or to put simply, once you have accepted the idea that you are worthless, most, if not all of your choices in life will be in harmony with that belief. Choices such as an abusive partner, disrespectful friends, or a dead-end job only serve to validate and compound an already fragile sense of worth. Suffering from low self esteem can become a vicious, never-ending cycle. Let us help you end this cycle and build more self-confidence and start making more positive decisions in your life.

Behavioural Interventions

Are you finding it difficult to deal with your children? Are their behaviours causing problems between you and your spouse. Let us help you find out what is causing these behaviours and work together with your family to help eliminate them. We need to look at the whole picture first before we can start to breakdown and replace negative behaviours with more poitive ones.